And the Adventures Begin…

I’ve forgotten what 80- something degree weather feels like, it’s been in the 40’s in Ohio for the longest time. Everything was going according to plan. Until we missed our flight. It would have been our last connecting flight from Miami to La Paz, but due to crazy delays we missed it. Not a bad deal being ‘stuck’ here in Miami. It’s actually a welcomed break from all the flying. A big round of applause for American Airlines who provided great accommodations! I contacted our coordinator in La Paz and got him up to speed on the new flight arrangements. Now the ‘time- killing’ begins.

I now know why our flight was delayed, so that I could meet this wonderful woman. Her name is Sherry and she has an amazing ministry with her husband where she works as a nurse in the most remote places in Haiti.image

I have admired her work and ministry, Love A Child, for several years and I was just elated to meet her.

Several hours later we were finally on our to Bolivia. I didn’t get much sleep, so I decided to stare out the window and saw breath-taking views of a thunderstorm. Flying above it, seeing the flashes of light occur every couple of seconds was more beautiful than scary :). I was able to take an hour or so nap and woke up to beautiful sights.imageimage

Admiring these awesome views may have helped ease the impact of the news that we were indeed not going to land in La Paz afterall… we were rerouted to Santa Cruz, Bolivia because visibility in La Paz was low due to fog. Another long wait. We exited the plane and made our way through long lines for our Bolivian visa. We were originally told that a plane going back to Miami will take us and stop by La Paz on the way. That didn’t happen. So we killed time by going through customs and getting our visas taken care of. It was a relief to see my luggage waiting for me here because the ultimate nightmare would be to be without my belongings for a whole month O_o. After getting our luggage we made our way to the ticket lines. 2 hours later we finally reach the American Airlines counter. We’re told “there’s a 6:45 pm flight or an 11:45 pm flight. Go to such and such counter and find out which one you’ll be on”. Another O_o moment… We’ve already been en route for nearly two days. If we get 11:45 pm we’d most likely won’t get to La Paz until Monday because Election Day is Sunday and roads are usually closed on Election Day. I prayed ‘Lord, please let it be 6:45!”. 6:45 pm it is 🙂 So, Lord willing, we would FINALLY get to La Paz at 7:45 pm… Thank God for snacks.

We made it to La Paz Saturday evening, a little over a day later from our original date of Friday morning. I guess some of the more indigenous people of Bolivia have never seen white or black people in person because there was a lady who was taking pictures with random white families and with me… it was pretty interesting to say the least, one of several cultural experiences I will have while here. I was feeling some symptoms of altitude sickness when l got off the plane. El Alto airport is approximately 12,000 or so feet above sea level so being tachycardic, feeling woozy, or nauseous is pretty normal here. Thank God it didn’t last too long for me.

Highlights: Finally making it to La Paz!; Erica and I are safe and sound, thank you Lord; I am finally back on my regular sleep schedule; clinic starts tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “And the Adventures Begin…

  1. Glad to hear you made it there safely. Just getting there was an interesting story. I only wonder what the rest of the trip entails!


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