It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Wow, what a day! Good Friday represents the day Jesus Christ was crucified and died for humanity. It was also a good Friday today because of the blue skies, fluffy white clouds, warm weather and fun outings! Here in Bolivia, Friday to Sunday are observed as holidays in preparation for ‘Pascua’ (Easter) and shops, banks and schools are closed. Some places closed as early as Thursday! So Erica and I had the day off from clinic and we took full advantage of that 🙂 To begin, we walked down the street to  check out the market. Every year around the time of Easter, the indigenous people of Bolivia come to La Paz to sell their goods. Items for sale range from pottery and Barbie dolls to Biblical movies and jewelry.


This lady was preaching the gospel in Aymara (another language spoken here). You can also see the pottery they sell too.

image After walking through the market, we then rode on the ‘Teleférico’, which are cable cars in the sky used as an important way of getting around in La Paz. Currently, there are 3 lines- red, yellow, and green. We rode the yellow and green lines because they were close to our homestay and it’s really cheap- a one way trip is 2.50 Bolivianos which is about .50 cents! I was nervous, but thank goodness Erica had enough courage for the both of us 🙂


This is the Teleférico from my bedroom window


Oh my gosh! We’re about to get on!


Here we go!


The view was spectacular


Some of the buildings had paintings on the roof


Nervous smile…

After riding the yellow line, we rode the green line to the ‘Megacenter’ which is a mall/arcade/car dealership place- there were many things in that one location. Our Spanish teacher had to cancel class yesterday, and to make up for the time she took us to ‘Valle de la Luna’ (Valley of the Moon). It has breathtaking landscape, unique rock formations and trails for days. I’m not much of a hiker, and Erica may or may not have had to hold my hand a time or two, but it was a great time! image image image image image We went back to our homestay and had our evening tea and shared our day with our host mom. All of a sudden we heard music playing out in the street. We rushed to the window to see what was going on. Our host mom told us that every Easter, there’s a procession that takes place by the parishioners in the neighborhood. It’s like a parade with floats that are carried by several men, there are hundreds of people walking in front of and behind the floats holding candles. There were men, women, children and even pets (last time we visited the church there was a section for dogs… muy interesante…) image Highlights: the whole day!


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