Easter Weekend

And the wonderful weekend continues! On Saturday, our host mom took us downtown where there are many old style homes as well as markets and tons of art galleries. She also took us to Plaza Murillo, which is the political hub of La Paz and the location of the Presidential Palace.


Down the street of an older section of town






‘Calle Jaen’ (pronounced Ca-ye Ha-yen) is a colonial street with several museums and art galleries


A beautiful courtyard


Plaza Murillo



A clown 🙂 He was acting like he was undressing and he said ‘call me!’… Silly clown

Today, we went to our host mom’s church for Easter service. It was a wonderful church called Ekklesia. She told us that there are only a handful of Protestant churches around; the majority of people here are Catholic and many others practice “Pachamama” (a reverence for Mother Earth). I was able to pick up a good amount of what was being said, but the energy and joy that was in the sanctuary was unmistakeable! image


I was happy this song had some English in it 🙂

After church, we went to a shop that sells ‘salteñas’, which is a meat filled pastry. It is so good! It’s very popular here and it’s usually served in the mornings to early afternoons. There is a technique to eating it though- it’s really juicy so what the locals usually do is bite the top corner of it and drink the juices, or else there will be a big mess!




I had a chicken salteña. Other varieties include beef, pork, or vegetarian.

Highlights: Easter service; eating salteña; enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon


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