My second post for the day, I have a lot to catch up on! After our fun weekend, it was back to work again! Erica and I started Neonatology this week…

Earlier in the week, however, there was a 48 hour strike.


This more or less states ‘The absence of human resources, infrastructure, and equipment within the hospital… Is this not negligence?’

The strike, however, did not affect our rotation on the Neonatology floor. There were 6 babies in the unit this week…

Baby 1: there was a baby girl only a couple days old with a congenital heart  defect, which the doctor suspects is Tetralogy of Fallot (pronounced ‘Fuh- low’- a condition where the baby’s heart has 4 defects- a VSD, which is a hole between the ventricles; an enlarged right ventricle; an overriding aorta; and an a narrowing of the pulmonary valve). All this leads to ineffective pumping of blood, oxygenated and deoxygenated blood end up mixing together, and the baby doesn’t get adequate oxygen leading to cyanosis or ‘a blue baby’.

Unfortunately, surgery could not be performed in her right away because she also has sepsis and is currently on antibiotics. The other unfortunate thing is that her mom is a teen. It seems to be a common occurrence for teen moms or moms with several other children to abandon their babies 😦

Baby 2: this baby was also only a couple days old and he has a tear in the anterior wall of his stomach along with a volvulus (or a twisting) in his small intestine which lead to obstruction. He is currently on antibiotics as well and is scheduled for surgery.

Baby 3: this 7 day old has ileal atresia, type I. Atresia occurs due to ischemia (lack of oxygen) to a certain part of the intestine and blockage occurs. There are 5 types (I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IV). According to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Type I is where there is a ‘web- like membrane that forms inside the intestine’, but the intestine still grows to its normal length. He is also scheduled for surgery.

Baby 4: he was our favorite! He’s only 1 month old and had surgery for a diaphragmatic hernia, where part of his intestines ended up in his chest. He is recovering well enough, but he can’t be discharged yet because he has a brother at home with pneumonia. His crib was towards the back of the room away from the other babies. Erica and I made sure to visit him everyday we were there and talk to him a little bit. Today, I got to hold him and feed him his milk 🙂

There were other babies that were discharged throughout the week that were in for jaundice, and other less critical conditions.


The Neonatology Unit



A baby under a bili light for jaundice

Highlights: having Internet access!; getting to hold my favorite baby 🙂


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