New Hospital

Today, Erica, Amina and I visited Hospital de Los Andes which is a maternal and infant hospital about 45 minutes away from where we stay. Thank goodness we were able to catch a ride with Dr. Uribe, the awesome pediatrician that gives us our weekly lectures.


We started off with a lecture that talked about the incidence and mortality rate of neonatal sepsis. We were then assigned a resident to follow for the day. I followed two seniors that seemed to have a pretty light schedule, but after asking if they’ll see patients today, one of them told me they just came off of a 48 hour shift and this morning’s light schedule was pretty rare.

A moment later, one of the residents had me follow her to the ‘quirofano’, which is the OR, to see a C-section. I scrubbed in, but I just observed from the back of the room. Once the little baby boy was out, the resident took him to the next room for routine post-natal things: she rubbed him down, clamped and cut his umbilical cord, weighed and measured him, gave him vitamin K, put ointment in his eyes and filled out his birth documents. She did, however, have to put on an oxygen mask on him because he was a bit cyanotic, but it didn’t take long for the baby to become a healthy rosy color. Next thing I know, the resident was telling me to get some gloves. I did, and she handed me a diaper and baby clothes to put on him. Afterwards, she swaddled him and set him in the crib.


The delivery room.

After seeing the C-section and helping with the baby, we walked to the delivery room where another delivery had just taken place. The other resident took the baby and did the routine baby  care procedures. Not long after that, Erica and I headed back to the homestay. It was nice to visit that hospital and see a delivery and C- section; I haven’t been on an OB floor since my 3rd year and it was a nice refresher.

Highlights: seeing more babies!; having a relaxing evening 🙂


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