This post is just to share a couple more pictures I haven’t posted yet. They’re from rotations and weekend outings. Enjoy!


The Peds clinic at Hospital del Niño



From left to right: the red and green one is the flag of La Paz, the one in the middle is the Bolivian flag, and the last one is called ‘Whiphala’ (the Aymara word for ‘flag’) which is the flag of the indigenous people of Bolivia


Several times along our weekend trip, our driver stopped to help other SUVs with flat tires, engine issues, and other car troubles


Llama crossing!


Our dinner when we were at the salt hotel: potatoes, llama (yes llama! I didn’t know people ate llama, but it tastes like steak!), onions, boiled eggs. It was delicious 😋


Being… adventurous?


A nice area where we stopped for lunch… It had the most picturesque scenery!


This is a list Dr. Salete had me write, it’s a list of labs and tests needed for her patient diagnosed with Down Syndrome


During the 48 hour strike earlier this week, one of the doctors were getting interviewed by a TV station


I was coming from Spanish class and we came across the zebras that help people cross the street! There’s a great story behind this called the ‘Zebra Project’. It’s very interesting 🙂


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