This post is just to share a couple more pictures I haven’t posted yet. They’re from rotations and weekend outings. Enjoy!

New Hospital

Today, Erica, Amina and I visited Hospital de Los Andes which is a maternal and infant hospital about 45 minutes away from where we stay. Thank goodness we were able to catch a ride with Dr. Uribe, the awesome pediatrician that gives us our weekly lectures. We started off with a lecture that talked about … More New Hospital


My second post for the day, I have a lot to catch up on! After our fun weekend, it was back to work again! Erica and I started Neonatology this week… Earlier in the week, however, there was a 48 hour strike. The strike, however, did not affect our rotation on the Neonatology floor. There … More Neonatology

Back At It Again!

The one day strike that occurred earlier this week was successful, as Dr. Salete explained to us that the doctors got what they were asking for. Now, back to work we go! There were several cases we saw yesterday. The first one was a one month old baby boy with Hirschsprung’s Disease. This disease causes … More Back At It Again!

Easter Weekend

And the wonderful weekend continues! On Saturday, our host mom took us downtown where there are many old style homes as well as markets and tons of art galleries. She also took us to Plaza Murillo, which is the political hub of La Paz and the location of the Presidential Palace. Today, we went to … More Easter Weekend